Our Wide Selection of Products

Solid Wood

Solid Wood is a wood floor that has been milled from one solid piece of wood with a tongue & groove on all four sides. Traditionally, solid wood was installed as an unfinished plank that must be installed, sanded, sealed, and finished onsite.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring was developed to be more stable than solid wood. So, it could be installed in areas with higher moisture content like a basement or kitchen without warping. On the surface, it looks almost identical to hardwood but instead of a single wood plank, it’s made of a high-quality plywood core with a relatively thin layer of hardwood on top.


Luxury vinyl, also called waterproof flooring, doesn’t expand with exposure to water like wood or laminate flooring. Luxury vinyl has a rigid core sandwiched between layers of PVC, topped with a decorative vinyl film and clear vinyl laminating sheet of varying thicknesses and usually backed with a foam pad.

Tile & Stone

One of the advantages of natural stone flooring is timeless elegance. Natural stone flooring is mined from a quarry and cut directly from stone blocks.  Just like real wood, no two pieces are ever identical.

If natural stone isn’t in the budget or is not available, ceramic and porcelain can offer you a pretty good likeness. Both are made from clay and are kiln-fired at a high temperature, making them highly durable and non-porous.


Bamboo is actually not a wood but a grass. The flooring is made from strips laminated together into a plank. There are two grains—horizontal (flat) or vertical grain style and two colors—natural or carbonized.


Although hard surface is very popular, carpet still has its place for many. There are many different styles of carpet, as well as fibers used. Carpet Styles include Cut Pile carpets are the most used residential carpet style. Saxony has a smooth finish, but the fibers are longer and twisted. Textured cut pile has fibers of uneven lengths to create a rougher surface texture. Frieze has long fibers and shag carpet is an example of longer frieze.